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Know your audience, know your market

The Nielsen Company has always been committed to bring you the most relevant and useful market research information about the online marketplace and online consumers. Over the last seven years we have gained unrivalled knowledge and experience in measuring and defining Internet usage and online behaviour.

In this fast-paced medium you need to make sure you reach the right audience with the right content. Our comprehensive range of research tools and products helps you to analyse your target customers in terms of:

  • Online behaviour
  • Attitude and opinion
  • Purchasing habits and buying power
  • Lifestyle and demographic profile

Use leading market research to define your market in terms of:

  • Total regional and global market
  • Competitive environment of your industry
  • Trends in Internet access and online behaviour
  • Usage of channels on your website and that of competitors

The Nielsen Company provides reliable market research including panel-based audience measurement, site-centric measurement, online advertising tracking and custom surveys. Each solution, either individually or in combination, helps you to base your strategic business decisions on independent, reliable intelligence from the leader in Internet research.

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